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Orthopedic surgery

Pet Surgery With Your Casillas Veterinarians

orthopedic surgery

Injuries to your pet raise concerns about potential complications with his or her health.  In some cases, you may need to consider orthopedic surgery to address problems with a pet's bones after an injury. By seeking professional treatment from a vet at the Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, you address the injury and allow your pet to heal in a natural way.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery refers to a procedure used when pets face traumatic injuries. After an accident, seek treatment from a vet in East Los Angeles, Montebello or Lynwood as soon as possible. The treatment generally occurs shortly after an injury as an emergency solution. The procedure is usually used for broken bones or similar injuries and we may recommend the procedure after evaluating an animal for internal injuries that are not clearly visible or for obvious fractures.

Why Consider Surgical Procedures?

The primary reasons to consider surgical procedures for an injury depend on the situation. Generally, you want to address a specific injury, such as a broken bone. You may also consider the procedure when a pet shows signs of severe pain and does not react in a normal way. Signs of pain may indicate internal injuries that are not clearly visible, so a vet must evaluate the situation to determine appropriate treatments.

Advantages associated with surgical procedures include:

  • Proper management of injuries after an accident
  • Addressing the underlying problem, like broken bones
  • Healing from external and internal injuries

While it may take time for a full recovery, surgical procedures allow you pet to start the healing process. At the Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, we recommend orthopedic procedures when it benefits an animal's health and well-being.

Treating a Pet at a Hospital

As a general rule, you want to get your pet treated at a hospital after he or she faces musculoskeletal injuries. Our team offers treatment in East Los Angeles, Montebello and Lynwood, so you can seek professional treatment for injuries in the local area. 

Do not wait to seek treatment in an emergency. If you notice a broken bone, blood or signs of severe pain, then seek treatment at an animal hospital. The treatment addresses the problems and encourages the healing process.

Injuries impact the health of your pet. Fortunately, a surgeon can determine when to proceed with a surgery to address broken bones. To learn more about treating your pets in an emergency situation or to set up an appointment with a vet to examine an animal after an accident or injury, call or contact us today (323) 726-1525.