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Pet Dental FAQs

Sure, pet dental may not be that high on your list of priorities, but believe it or not, it’s very important. Not only does your pet need their teeth for life, but gingivitis has been linked to heart disease and other inflammatory conditions in animals as well as humans. That’s why it’s so crucial to maintain a quality pet dental regimen, so you can ensure your pet’s overall health for life.

dog with toothbrush

Common Pet Dental FAQs

What does pet dental involve?

Pet dental involves teeth cleanings, examinations, treatment for tooth and gum conditions and surgical options for serious conditions.

What other problems do you look for?

While cleaning your pet’s teeth, we will also conduct a thorough examination of your pet’s gums, tongue and the rest of the inside of their mouth to ensure their total oral health. Plus, oral conditions may indicate greater problems. For example, tooth discoloration and bad breath may mean your pet has an infection or organ damage elsewhere in the body, which is a good heads up.

We also check for oral tumors, broken teeth or jaws, abcesses, misaligned bites and gum disease.

Does diet matter when it comes to dental health?

Yes, diet does matter. If your pet is not eating the right foods, or is eating too many human foods, their dental health can suffer.

Is it ever too late to have my pet seen?

It is not. Even if you have never cared for your pet’s teeth, you should begin doing so right away. Oral examinations can help catch serious problems before they progress and become irreversible or even fatal, so it’s always worth having an expert take a look.

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals in Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals started out as a small facility in Montebello, East Los Angeles. Over the years, we expanded to include other communities, such as Montebello and Lynwood. Our staff understands that quality pet care is extremely important, and many people travel a great distance to see us because they believe in our approach and services. We now offer a full line of veterinary services ranging from diagnostic exams to surgical procedures, and we make getting wellness checks and vaccinations easy.

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment with one of our hospitals for pet dental services, just contact the number associated with the hospital closes to you. We’ll help you set up an appointment quickly and easily, and get your pet taken care of today.