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Puppy and Kitten Care with our East Los Angeles, Lynwood, and Montebello Veterinarians

As your trusted animal hospitals in the greater East Los Angeles area, we are proud to provide a wide range of vet care services for your family pets. Whether you are a new pet owner or you’ve been caring for cats and dogs for many years, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help ensure your pets live long, happy and healthy lives. With a focus on preventative care, we are happy to offer puppy and kitten care services from each of our trusted East Los Angeles, Montebello, and Lynwood veterinarians.

Puppies and Kittens

Puppy and Kitten Care at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals

You’ve welcomed a new member into your home and now you need to make sure their special needs are taken care of! As your primary vet, we have a wide range of services available that are geared specifically toward puppy and kitten care, including:

  1. Wellness Exams – As soon as you bring your new pet home, be sure to schedule an appointment with our veterinary team for a physical exam. During their initial appointment, we’ll evaluate their overall health, offer flea and tick prevention option, and check for intestinal worms.
  2. Pet Vaccinations – To help give your puppy or kitten the best start in life, vaccinations are necessary. Vaccinations will help to protect them from many dangerous and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Your new pet will require frequent vaccinations for their first few months to help avoid overwhelming their immune system and then annual vaccinations as they grow older.
  3. Spay and Neuter Services – Spaying and neutering your family pets will not only help to control the unwanted pet population but it will benefit your pet’s health in a number of different ways. Spaying and neutering have been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers and tumors, curb unwanted behavior like marking and roaming.
  4. Special Diet Considerations – Your new puppy or kitten may experience digestive problems like vomiting or diarrhea as you work to find the best food source for them. Our knowledgeable veterinarian can easily help you to find the right diet and dietary products to help your pets grow strong and healthy.
  5. Behavioral Training and Proper Socialization – Your new pet will greatly benefit from lots of socialization with other animals and behavioral training as they grow! Our experienced vet team can help to ensure your pet gets off on the right paw with your family, friends and other animals.

Contact Our Montebello, Lynwood, or East Los Angeles Veterinary Hospital Today

Want to learn more about the benefits of early vet care for your new puppies and kittens? Call (323) 726-1525 for our Montebello Veterinary Hospital, (323) 721-2244 for our East Los Angeles Veterinary Hospital, and (323) 566-4177 for our Lynwood Veterinary Hospital. Additionally, you can also contact us online today to schedule an appointment.