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Vaccinations at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals

Vaccinations at Casillas Veterinary HospitalsVaccinating your pet can be the easiest and least expensive action you ever take to protect its health and long life. Though no medicine can guarantee health, vaccines are powerful medicine, proven to be safe and effective for most animals. A vaccine creates immunity within an animal’s system by introducing a minute amount of a specific virus into the body. The animal naturally creates antibodies to fight the virus, making it more able to resist the virus in the future. Vaccinations aren’t a guarantee against illness, but pets that receive complete series of vaccinations on time and follow-up vaccines as needed, are far less likely to contract the diseases they are vaccinated against. Vaccinations are preventative medicine that may save your pet from contracting a painful or fatal disease.

When administered and regulated as recommended by our veterinarian, vaccines are safe and effective. In some cases, your pet may experience flu-like symptoms or tenderness at the injection site, but these side effects are typically mild and short-lived.

Vaccine Recommendations for Common and Exotic Pets

Kittens and puppies need a series of shots when they are young in order to build up their immunity. For your convenience, we suggest including spay/neuter, deworming and parasite screening within the vaccination schedule. Combining services saves you money by reducing office visits and limits the stress on your pet.

Not all vaccinations are recommended for all pets at all times. An animal's age and general health should be considered. At Casillas Veterinary Hospital our goal is always your pet's wellness. I order to protect and promote an animal's health it may be necessary to delay or omit certain vaccinations.

For puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months, Parvo, DHP and rabies shots should be administered on a bi-weekly schedule for maximum effectiveness. Adult dogs require boosters for rabies, DHP, Parvo and Bordetalla on a regular basis throughout their entire life.

For kittens we recommend DRCP-FELV, FIV and Rabies vaccinations. Feline vaccines must also be administered at specific intervals to be effective. Adult cats require booster shots on an annual basis.

Exotic pets also need vaccinations to stay healthy and live safely with their human families. At Casillas Veterinary Hospitals we know your pet’s well being is important even if it is not “cute and snuggly” by traditional standards. We recommend the following vaccinations annually for your unique pets:

  • Canidae (fox or wild dog) – Canine distemper, Canine adenovirus, Canine parvovirus, Canine parainfluenza, and Leptospira bacterin
  • Felidae (exotic cats) – Feline panleukopenia, Feline rhinotracheitis and Feline caliciviruses
  • Mustelidae/Viverridae/Procyonidae (skunk, ferret, weasel and mink) – Canine distemper, Feline panleukopenia, Canine adenovirus and Leptospire bacterin
  • Primates – Poliomyelitis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and DPT
  • Suidae (pigs) – 5-way Leptospira bacterin and Erysipelas basterin

For more information about vaccines and how they can maintain your pet's health, please call our office today at (323) 726-1525.