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4th of July Tips for Pet Owners

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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4th of July With Pets: Your Survival Guide

The 4th of July is a fun time for humans, but not a fun time at all for most pets. While the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including areas like Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles, is generally pet-friendly, the Independence Day holiday can quickly make pet owners wish it were the work week again. But there are ways to survive the holiday and keep your dog or cat happy and healthy with plenty of pet holiday ideas.


The Noise and Risk of Escape

The noise from fireworks is usually the most traumatic part of the holiday for your pet. Your pets can react so badly that they severely impact their own safety. Many try to escape and run away, and that just leads to missing or dead pets.

Keep the pets indoors, with closed doors. Many dogs do a lot better when they wear a lightly compressive accessory like a shirt meant to calm them during the noise. Take a cue from social media and create pillow and blanket forts, put interesting pet-focused movies on your laptop and see if your dog will tolerate headphones, and try to get your cats and dogs involved in small games to keep them occupied.

Take Caution With Food and Weather

Even if your neighborhood decides not to do anything loud, it may want to have a block party with grills and good food. Those present a set of dangers for your pet: mouth burns from too-hot food, illness from eating forbidden foods like onions, burns from grills and other cooking implements, and burns from hot pavement. Make sure your dogs wear booties, your cats stay in the shade, all your pets have lots of water, and all “bad” foods are guarded carefully. Contact a veterinarian if your pet is injured or eats something it shouldn’t.

Keep Your Pet Healthy at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals

For more holiday pet ideas, contact Casillas Veterinary Hospitals in Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles at (323) 726-1525. Your pet deserves to stay healthy.

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