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Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Pet Allergies Explained by Our Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood Veterinarians

Just like their owners, dogs and cats can develop allergic reactions to certain products or chemicals. Most people think of wheezing humans when they think about pet allergies, but here at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, we know that dogs and cats often suffer in silence because they have allergies to certain substances. Our team is trained to recognize and treat the symptoms of allergic reactions, and we also help families learn more about their pets’ symptoms so they can minimize their exposure. We offer three convenient locations in Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood.


Diagnosing Allergies in Dogs and Cats

There’s no one-size-fits-all diagnosis for pet allergies. Allergic reactions include many different behaviors and physical changes, and some allergies are seasonal or environmental while others are in your pet’s bedding or food. Pollen, dust, wheat, rubber, mold, chicken, harsh chemicals in flea treatments or prescriptions, and even cigarette smoke have triggered serious allergic reactions for pets.

Our veterinarians look for the following symptoms, which point to possible allergic reactions:

  • Diarrhea

  • Increased scratching (for example, scratching at the base of the tail may indicate a flea allergy, while scratching the head or neck may point to an allergen in the food)

  • Runny eyes

  • Vomiting

  • Snoring (due to inflammation in the throat)

  • Chewing the paws

Treating Allergies in Dogs and Cats

At Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, we hate seeing dogs and cats suffer from chronic allergies. If your pet shows any symptoms of allergic reactions, we will ask thorough questions about your home and lifestyle to see if they’re exposed to an irritant. Skin and blood tests also help us pinpoint allergens.

Allergy treatments for dogs and cats include:

  • Environmental Changes:

    Reducing your pet’s exposure to allergens is the best way to protect them. We will help you find gentle linens, cleaning products, pet foods, and even outdoor habits that don’t trigger allergic reactions for your furry family members. Ventilation and frequent vacuuming are also crucial in eliminating common pet allergens.

  • Medicated Shampoos:

    Your pet needs relief as soon as possible, and some soothing shampoos are designed to calm skin irritation and stop allergic reactions.

  • Allergen-Free Diets:

    Our veterinarians offer nutritional counseling at all three locations, including custom elimination diets to rule out possible allergens and find food your pets can tolerate.

At Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, we love helping pets live allergy-free lives. We have offices in East Los Angeles, Montebello, and Lynwood. Schedule your pet’s allergy treatment at your nearest location today.

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