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Benefits of Having Your Pet Micro-chipped

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Many pet owners underestimate the importance of having their pets microchipped, either believing that their pet will never get lost or that a quick neighborhood search will locate their missing dog or cat. Unfortunately, pets can escape your home or car and wonder beyond your sight fairly quickly. Getting your pet a microchip can help improve the odds of your pet being found and returned to you.


Benefits of Having Your Pet Microchipped in Montebello

No pet owner wants to go through the anxiety and fear of having a pet go missing, but both cats and dogs sometimes escape their homes and vehicles. A microchip can help return your pet to you if he or she becomes lost. Most rescues, shelters, veterinarians and animal hospitals have the ability to scan your pet’s microchip and retrieve your pet’s identification number, which helps speed up the process of reuniting your pet with your family. In addition, when your pet becomes lost, all you have to do is notify your chip manufacturer. Flyers and alerts will be sent to all the local shelters and veterinarians to alert them that your pet is missing.

Microchipping You Pet with one of our Veterinarians Serving East Los Angeles, Montebello and Lynwood

Microchipping your pet with one of our veterinarians, serving East Los Angeles, Montebello and Lynwood, is fast, convenient and affordable. The chip is inserted via a needle under your pet’s skin between his or her shoulder blades. Each chip has a unique identification number that is used to retrieve information on the pet and the pet’s owner. In the event your pet becomes lost then found, the contact information stored in the database will be used to contact you.

We have three pet hospitals where you can schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped. To schedule an appointment at our Montebello location, call us at 323-726-1525. For an appointment at our East Los Angeles animal hospital, call us at 323-721-2244, and for an appointment at our Lynwood animal hospital, call 323-566-4177.

Have you scheduled an appointment to have your dog or cat microchipped?

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