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Benefits of Having Your Pet Microchipped

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Benefits of Having Your Pet Microchipped

Microchipping is a process many pet owners seek to help keep their animal protected should it happen to become lost. If you live in the East Los Angeles, Lynwood, or Montebello area, and you have a cat or dog, give Casillas Veterinary Hospitals a call to set up an appointment with our veterinarians for this procedure. Here are some benefits of having your pet microchipped at our animal hospital.

Your Pet Will Be Assigned an Identification Number

Our veterinarians will input your identification information into a database. Once our vets have your information, a unique identification number will be assigned to your pet and then uploaded onto a small chip. The chip is then implanted into your pet. If your pet becomes lost and is brought to a veterinarian’s office or humane society, they will be able to scan your pet with a reader. This ensures that your pet can be returned to you promptly.

The Process Is Fast

The chip implant is placed into a thin needle and is inserted directly into your pet’s skin. This is usually done at the site of the shoulder blade area as it is not easy for the pet to scratch or bite. The procedure takes about a few seconds and will not cause your pet excessive pain. Your pet will feel a small pinch when the chip is inserted.

Information Can Be Changed When Needed

If at any time you decide to change your name or move, your identification can easily be changed in our database. The pet’s chip will have a number assigned to it. The information attached to this number is located on a server in a database that can be accessed by those with the proper reading equipment. Simply contact our veterinarians if you need to make a change to your information.

Contact Casillas Veterinary Hospitals to make an appointment with our veterinarians if you wish to have your pet microchipped. Having your pet microchipped will benefit everyone. We have three conveniently animal hospitals to better serve you. Call our Montebello location at 323-726-1525, our East Los Angeles location at 323-721-2244, or our Lynwood location at 323-566-4177.

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