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Common Symptoms of Pet Skin Irritations

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Is your pet continually scratching, biting and/or licking at their skin? If so, you are not alone; itching and scratching is among one of the most common reasons for calls to Casillas Veterinary Hospitals. Regardless of whether you live in the East Los Angeles, Lynwood and Montebello areas and your pet spends time outdoors playing in the yard or rolling in the grass or if your pet is kept indoors, the itching and scratching may be caused by a severe skin disorder. There are a variety of reasons why cats and dogs will scratch and itch, but the important thing is to not let them suffer. There is most likely a good reason why this is happening, so it’s important to have them examined by a veterinarian. Here are just three of the possible reasons why your pet’s skin may be irritated.


Dogs as well as cats may be allergic to a specific food, fleabites or an airborne substance, such as pollen or human dander. Any one of the allergens can cause your pet’s skin to become red, itchy and irritated. The best way to find out if your pet has allergies and to learn how to address their allergies is by taking your pet to Casillas Veterinary Hospital to be tested for allergies. If it’s determined that fleas are the primary culprits for your pets skin irritations, your vet can recommend a monthly flea protectant, which prevent fleas from reproducing in the environment and from biting your pet.

Bacterial Infections

Pets that are suffering with an allergy may sometimes develop a secondary bacterial infection, which causes their skin to be ulcerated, itchy and smelly. This type of infection is often caused by the streptococcus bacteria, which can enter your pet’s skin through their biting and scratching. This type of infection must be treated by their veterinarian, who will likely prescribe an oral antibiotic as well as topical ointment. It is important that you learn to control their allergy in order to prevent the problem from reoccurring.


There are a number of micro-sized creatures that can make a home on your pet’s skin. Mites are parasites that can cause demodectic and sarcoptic mange, which can lead to considerable skin irritations that cause intense itching, crusting of the skin and even hair loss. Tick bites can also lead to irritation and itching, even after the tick has been removed. The most common parasite is fleas and many cats and dogs are allergic to flea bites. If your pet has flea bites it can cause itchy hot spots, which occur from the animal frequently scratching and chewing at their skin.

While maintaining your pet’s skin and coat are a good preventative for skin conditions, irritations can’t always be prevented. It is important to be aware of any potential irritants and if you pet is suffering with a skin irritation, your vet is the best person to diagnose the problem and recommend treatment.

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