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Heartworm Awareness Month

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Caring for a pet requires the right tools and strategies. When you have a dog or cat, you may have concerns about heartworm or other parasites that harm an animal and lead to complications. A veterinary professional at a Casillas Veterinary Hospital offers the solutions you need to maintain your pet’s health and well-being. The key is recognizing when your pet may need treatment from an East Los Angeles veterinarian.


What is Heartworm in Montebello?

When you need to treat a pet in Montebello, Lynwood or East Los Angeles, you must understand the potential factors involved in the health concerns. Heartworm is a type of parasite that infects your pet from a mosquito bite. The worm travels to your pet’s heart and causes problems for his or her health. Depending on the animal and the age of the parasite, the risks to an animal may vary.

Dangers of the Parasite

Heartworm is potentially life-threatening to your pet. The worms grow to one foot in length and live in the heart, lungs and blood vessels surrounding the organs. Due to the location of the worms, they may cause internal damage to your organs and heart failure in certain situations. They may also result in lung disease and may kill a pet.

While any mammal may have the worms, the natural host for the parasite is a dog. It may also impact cats, ferrets, and other pets; however, the impact on their health may not be as obvious due to the size of the worms. In cats, the worms do not usually reach full maturity.

When to Talk to a Vet

As a general rule, prevention from a vet is the best solution for heartworm. Since it is Heartworm Awareness Month, you may find that your vet is ready to discuss measures you can take to keep your pet healthy and activity. Depending on the risks to your pet, we may suggest preventative medications and treatments.

Preventing heartworm is a key part of keeping your pet healthy. At our clinic, we recognize that your pet may have heartworm and we offer solutions to address the risks to an animal’s health. To learn more about preventing heartworm in mammals or to set up an appointment at a Casillas Veterinary Hospital, call (323) 726-1525 today.

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