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Holiday Fun with Your Pets

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Holiday Fun With Your Pet: Tips from Casilllas Veterinary Hospitals


The holidays mean a change of pace in household patterns that can have an impact on your pet’s health and well-being. People generally spend more time at home, entertaining and enjoying family activities. This is a good time to incorporate your pet into the holiday fun, making sure it’s a safe and enjoyable time for everyone in your household.

Outdoor Activities

The colder weather in some areas of the country often causes people to spend more time indoors, but the holidays offer more time to get outside with your dog to romp in the snow, have fun with the children or enjoy a long walk in the woods. This extra exercise is good for your dog’s health and well being, and it’s good for you, helping you to work off holiday stress. Always keep your pet is on leash to avoid hazards from traffic, getting lost or encountering wildlife

Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are also a time for having family, friends, and neighbors over to celebrate the season. Many pets enjoy meeting and interacting with people outside the family, but this is not always the case. Monitor your pet closely to determine how much stimulation he or she can tolerate. If some of the guests are children, you will have to ensure you’re your pet is able to interact safely and comfortably with them. Make sure your dog or cat has a safe place to get away from the activity to take a nap, eat dinner or simply to recharge his or her energy reserves.

Holiday Foods

The holidays also mean a time of lavish dinners, snacks, cookies and candies that may be at eye-level and may present a real temptation for your pet. When possible, position snacks and food trays on higher tables. You can also assign “food watch” duty to a family member or guest to make sure your pet doesn’t indulge in the available goodies. Don’t forget to buy a few pet holiday snacks for your pet to celebrate the season. Your pet will thank you for it.

Holiday Presents

The presents lying under the tree can also provide a hazard for your pet if become a chew toy. If you have a young kitten or puppy, be particularly vigilant about glass ornaments that can break or items that may contain toxic compounds. Many pet owners leave the lower branches of the tree empty to discourage investigation and unauthorized chewing. Of course, providing a holiday gift or two of toys or treats of their own will discourage your pet from using tree ornaments or gifts for entertainment.

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