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Household Dangers

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Many household items, foods, and plants are a danger to your pet’s health if eaten or ingested in any way. Accident happens where your pet chews on the plant, drinks a poisonous substance, or chews something that has chemicals and toxins. It’s important to learn about these substances and to get treatment for your pet right away when they ingest harmful food, plants or household substances.

Dangers Outside The Home

  • Antifreeze used in your car sometimes leaks or overflows from the car. It has a sweet taste that often dogs or cats will drink. It can kill your dog or cat. There is a safer antifreeze for animals that use propylene glycol and does no harm when ingested in small amounts. Still, you should take precautions to keep this substance away from pets.
  • Many plants are poisonous to your pet if grown outside or indoors. They are autumn crocus, milkweed, ivy, carnations, azaleas, lilies, daffodils, lily of the valley, tulips, and poinsettias. Learn what plants are toxic to your pet. Keep them away from toxic plants.
  • Cocoa mulch found in gardening centers has a chocolate scent. If ingested it is harmful to pets.
  • Fertilizers and plant foods used in gardens and on the lawn are harmful to pets that eat or ingest them.
  • Traps for mice and insects can poison a pet when they accidentally eat or ingest the substance. Keep traps away from areas where your pet may get at it. Animals can die from eating rodents that have ingested poison.
  • Outdoors your pet can suffer from insect and animals bites and heat from the hot summer.
  • Don’t leave your pet inside the car when it is hot.

Dangers Inside The Home

  • Over the counter, insect control products can be toxic to your pet. It is better to use prescription products that your vet prescribes or recommends.
  • Human medications left out or that fall on the floor can be toxic to pets. Keep ointments, creams, and prescription drugs and over the counter products stored away properly.
  • String and yarn can be harmful when your pet swallows or gets tangled up in it.
  • Toys with small parts can cause choking in pets like children.
  • Several foods are toxic to pets and should not be given to them. They are chocolate, avocados, coffee, citrus, coconut oil, dairy, nuts, raw meats, eggs, bones, dough and snack food. They can cause serious side effects that need vet treatment.

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