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How to Properly Discipline Your Cat

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Cat Discipline Tips from Our East Los Angeles, Montebello, & Lynwood Veterinarian

From scratching to biting, it can be hard to figure out how to discipline your cat! Cats are intelligent creatures, and they tend to figure out exactly what they can get away with. Our veterinarian at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, serving Montebellow, Los Angeles, and Lynwood, is here to help.

Cat Behavior Training

Cats can be tough to figure out. They don’t always have the same drive to please their owners as we see in dogs, making it tough to figure out how to motivate them to behave. No matter what techniques you choose, it’s important that you’re consistent. Cats have excellent long term memory. They remember consequences of behaviors, and which behaviors they are able to get away with from time to time. It’s important to note that physical discipline is inhumane, counter effective, and may create the opposite of the intended effect. Positive reinforcement can work wonders. Rewarding your pet for exhibiting good behavior with treats and attention can go a long way.

If you see your cat jumping on the counter or kitchen table, or another surface you don’t want them to be on, shaking a can filled with pennies can startle your cat enough to make them jump off the surface.

Struggling with scratching? Put aluminum foil or double sided tape on the area they scratch, and provide your cats with their own scratching post.

If your cat bites you while you’re petting them, say “ouch!” and stop petting for a few moments. Cats are able to understand that they’re hurting you, and that when they bite, the feeling they are enjoying (being petted) stops.

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