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National Service Dog Month

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Casillas Veterinary Hospitals Celebrates National Service Dog Month In East Los Angeles, Montebello, and Lynwood

It’s National Service Dog Month, and we at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals in the Lynwood, Montebello, and East Los Angeles are celebrating it. Many people rely on their service dogs to do everything, from walking them across a street to turning out the lights at bedtime. These dogs have specialized training that improves the lives of others. If you meet a person who relies on a service dog, then take a moment to recognize the effort that has brought that person and dog together. Be aware that it’s best not to interrupt a service dog while they are concentrating on their work. You can donate money to organizations like animal shelters and service animal training centers to celebrate National Service Dog Month. And remember, if you have a service dog, make sure he or she stays healthy by taking your pet to an animal hospital, like ours, for a wellness checkup.

Service Dogs Need To Visit a Veterinarian for a Pet Exam

Service dogs are usually in excellent health, but accidents and illness can happen. They need their annual shots and examination to assure that they maintain great health. Service dogs work hard, and people depend on them, so they need timely and specialized care to do their jobs and live a happy, healthy life. If you own a service dog, bring him or her to our animal hospital. Just like how your service dog is there for you, let us be there for you and your pet.

How Our Animal Hospital Helps the Community

Residents in Lynwood, Montebello, and East Los Angeles know their pets will receive the latest veterinary care when they come to our veterinary hospitals. We are committed to providing you with the finest in vet care for your animal. Your furry animal is part of our family, and we want him or her to have the best life possible. Celebrate National Service Dog Month, and contact Casillas Veterinary Hospitals to schedule a wellness exam appointment for your furry companion. Call our veterinarians at 323-726-1525.

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