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Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Bringing a dog into your home provides the family with an opportunity to enjoy companionship and a comforting relationship. Although our veterinary professional in Montebello, California provides the basic care your pets need for good health, you also need basic knowledge about caring for your dog. Understanding your role as a pet owner allows you to avoid complications with a pet’s health or address problems at an early stage by seeking veterinary treatments.

Dogs Require Firm Pack Orders

Dogs are pack animals, so you must make it clear that you are the boss in your home. Do not allow your dog to assume that you are below him or her in the pack because it may lead to complications with your discipline and training process.

Use a firm voice when training a dog and always follow a consistent pattern in your behavior with your dog. It is not necessary to use aggressive behavior, but it is necessary to speak firmly in training.

Dogs Take Work

Most dogs require a certain amount of exercise, training and companionship. As a pet owner, you must keep your pet engaged and actively play with your pet. Since dogs are intelligent animals, you do not want to ignore their exercise and dietary needs. At our veterinary clinics in Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood, we teach pet owners the information they need to keep their pets healthy. We may suggest specific exercise and dietary standards based on your dog’s breed, size and specific health.

Dogs Health Treatments At Casillas Veterinary Hospital

At Casillas Veterinary Hospital, we provide the treatments a dog needs for good health. As a general rule, we recommend annual visits for basic care and check-ups. During the check-up, we look for any ailments or signs of a problem in the dog’s health. We also evaluate potential risk factors associated with health conditions and we provide medications when appropriate for the situation. During initial visits and at specific ages, we may also give your dog appropriate shots and booster shots to protect against health risks.

Pets require your attention and work when you bring them into your home. You must take appropriate measures to provide for the needs of your dog. In many cases, it means taking a firm stance on training and acting as the leader in your home. For more details about caring for a dog, contact us today at (323) 726-1525.

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