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Orthopedic Surgery

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Casillas Veterinary Hospital Vet Discusses Orthopedic Surgery in Montebello for Your Pet

People can sometimes benefit from orthopedic surgery to fix a bone or joint problem, and pets can sometimes benefit from this type of surgery too. Bone and joint problems can be very painful. They can even cause lameness that prevents your pet from moving around well, playing, getting comfortable in bed, or doing his business outside. Veterinary specialists perform orthopedic surgery to treat a variety of conditions that may affect your pet.

Orthopedic Surgery Treats a Variety of Conditions Common in Pets

Orthopedic surgery effectively treats problems affecting ligaments, which are the tough tissues that connect bones and form joints. Surgery helps humans who have torn their ACL ligaments in their knees. TPLO surgery helps dogs who have torn a similar ligament, known as the cranial cruciate ligament.

Total hip replacement helps pets with hip dysplasia, a condition in which malformation of the ball and socket joint of the hip causes pain and poor function.

Rubbery discs cushion the bones of the spine, known as vertebrae. Pressure and disease can cause these discs to swell or even rupture, which allows the gooey substance inside to leak out and press against nerves to cause pain. A pet with a ruptured disc might refuse to walk around the room or, when she does walk, wobble as if she were drunk. During orthopedic surgery for these pets, the vet would remove any spilled disc material or take away any bits of bones causing pressure on nerves.

Veterinarians may perform arthroscopy to repair elbow alignment problems, known as elbow dysplasia, or shoulder problems that often occur as the result of trauma while running or playing. Vets might suggest surgery to treat medial patellar luxation, a knee problem common in small breed dogs. Surgery is sometimes necessary to fix broken bones.

Schedule Montebello Veterinaian For Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet has a bone or joint problem, contact Casillas Veterinary Hospital to discuss orthopedic surgery. We have convenient locations in East Los Angeles, Lynwood, and Montebello to serve you. Make an appointment today by calling (323) 726-1525.

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