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Pet Ear Infections

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Some people might be surprised to hear that pets can developed ear infections just like we can. Like people, a pet that develops an ear infection may develop long-term hearing issues if this problem is not addressed as quickly as possible. It’s important for pet owners everywhere to understand some of the most common signs and symptoms of an ear infection. The faster this condition is treated by a veterinarian, the faster the pet will recover. The Casillas Veterinary Hospitals which serve the Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles areas is here to help.

The Signs and Symptoms of a Pet Ear Infection

If a pet is suffering from an ear infection, there are a few common signs and symptoms that might develop. These include:

Poor Hearing: A pet that has an ear infection has fluid building up in the ear. This makes it hard for sound waves to reach their intended target. As a result, the pet is going to have trouble hearing. This may show up as an animal that doesn’t turn to acknowledge certain noises or that doesn’t come when called. If this is happening, think about the ears.

An Odor Coming from the Ears: An ear infection is typically caused by bacteria or viruses. When this infection is present, it gives off a terrible odor. This is a sign that the ears are probably infected and require the attention of someone who is trained in vet medicine.

Scratching at the Ear: Ear infections are unpleasant for the pet. Just as a child may tug at their ear during an infection, the pet is going to be irritated as well. Think about a pet that is scratching at their ear continuously. Chances are, something is wrong.

Liquid Coming from the Ear: If the infection is present for a long enough period of time, the eardrum may actually burst. As a result, the liquid will start to flow down the ear. If this happens, the pet needs the attention of a trained vet right away to clear up this infection before it can do any further damage.

Rely on the Experts

Ear infections can be a challenge to treat; however, our dedicated team at Casillas Veterinary Hospital is here to help families in the Montebello, Lynwood, and East Los Angeles areas. We can get your pet feeling better as quickly as possible. Come and see us today!

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