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Preparing For Your First Road Trip

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Travel Tips For Pets

Most pets love getting out and going for trips. If you have never taken your pets with you on a road trip, you definitely should, it will be an awesome treat for them. Most pets just love the wind in their fur and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. You will also get to have the time of your life creating memories with your pet. Going on a road trip with your furry or feathered friend takes some preparation, but it does not have to be a lot of work. With a few travel tips, getting ready for that road trip will be a breeze. Here is how to prepare for your first trip with your pet.

Get The Vehicle Ready

Driving with your pet requires you to create a safe and secure environment for your pet in the car. You may need to invest in crates, car harnesses or pet carriers to stop your pet from walking around in the car while you are driving, surprising you by jumping on your lap while you are on the freeway, or even getting comfortable under the brake pedal without your knowledge. Not only can getting the vehicle pet ready ensure they are comfortable during the trip, but it can also save your life. Plus, in case of an accident, a restrained pet will be less likely to get seriously injured.

Get The Pets Checked Up

Before any pet road trips, you need to visit your veterinarian for a quick checkup. Get all the vaccinations up to date and take care of any flea, tick or worm concerns that you may have. If your pets get car sick, your veterinarian will advise you on how to manage it. Some pets also get diarrhea or restlessness, so it is better to be prepared with the appropriate remedy in case something happens. Update your contact information if you have your pet microchipped, or figure out how you will track your pet in case it gets lost.

Maintain Your Normal Routine As Much As You Can

If you are going out with your pet for the first time, your pet may be anxious or scared. Keeping feeding schedules and sticking to exercise schedules will reduce some of this anxiety by providing something familiar to your pet. Have stops during the trip to allow your pet to stretch.

Talk To Us About Your Pet’s Travel Tips Today¬†

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