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Puppy and Kitten Awareness Month

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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May is Puppy and Kitten Awareness Month!

We know that our patients love their pets. We love them too! Which is why we wanted to spread the word to our patients and their families and friends that May is puppy and kitten awareness month. Even though we are always peripherally aware of all the things we need to do to maintain the health and safety of our pets, we also get caught up in dealing with all of our other responsibilities as well. This can lead to lapses in vet visits for your pet or forgetting to take care of certain routine maintenance tasks such as oral hygiene.


One of the nice things about Awareness Days is that they can serve as a gentle reminder to catch up on any necessary health checks for your pet. They can also act as incentive for you to give your pets some extra TLC if your schedule has kept you too busy to spend a lot of time with them.

Things to do For Your Puppy or Kitten During Awareness Month

Of course, one of the most obvious things to do during puppy and kitten awareness month is to take your pet to the vet if you’re behind on wellness checkups.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, there are several days and weeks during the month of May designated to honor various animals, so you can show your pet love by participating in some of the specific activities meant to promote caring for furry friends and to raise awareness about important pet-related issues. Events for the month of May include:

  • Be Kind to Animals Week
  • National Animal Preparedness Disaster Day
  • National Pet Week
  • National Specially-Abled Pets Day

New Client Special

Dr. Juan Casillas and the entire staff at our veterinary hospitals place a high priority on treating pets like members of the family. We know your pet is precious to you and we want to build a level of comfort and trust that will allow you to feel that your pet is extremely safe and well cared for while in any of our hospital facilities.

As your neighborhood provider of comprehensive veterinary services, we are pleased to offer our new customers a FREE consultation. We look forward to meeting your pet and hope that you will choose to have your puppy or kitten join our wonderful, growing family of pet patients.

Three Convenient Locations:

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals
2437 W Whittier Blvd
Montebello, CA 90640
Phone: (323) 726-1525


East Los Angeles Dog and Cat Hospital
5655 Whittier Blvd
East Los Angeles, CA 90022
Phone: 323-721-2244


Lynwood Dog and Cat Hospital
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Lynwood, CA 90262
Phone: 323-566-4177

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