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Signs your Pet has Allergies

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Casillas Veterinary Hospital in Lynwood, East LA, and Montebello Offers Treatment for Pet Allergies

You might not realize that some of the following signs are symptoms of your pet having allergies, but our pets can have different symptoms than we do. If you notice any of these symptoms, give your veterinarian a call.



Allergies can make your dog or cat itchy so that telltale scratching can be a sign of allergies. However, certain pests can also make your pet scratch their sides, ears or other parts. Itchy spots are sometimes called “hot spots.”

Licking and Chewing

If your pet is licking and chewing any body part, it could be due to allergies. The paws are a common area; although, any body part they can reach could be a target and become raw from licking.

Red, Scabbed, or Moist Skin

Allergies can manifest in any number of dermatology problems. Redness, scabs or moisture are common if your pet has allergies. If you see a rash or other signs of irritation, call your vet.

Hair Loss

Loss of fur in your pet might be a sign of allergies, even if he or she isn’t scratching.

Runny Eyes

Just like allergies might make your eyes itch and run, so, too, can allergies do the same for pets. This may accompany another common allergy symptom: sneezing.


While people are not likely to vomit due to most allergies, pets are.


A healthy pet shouldn’t have watery stool, so diarrhea could be a symptom of an allergy.

Ear Infections

Not only can your pet’s allergy cause their ears to itch, but it can give them infections that may require treatment.


If your pet has an inflamed throat from allergies, they might snore.

Your pet can be allergic to a medication, food or treats, pests such as fleas, plants and grass, dust, mold, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, and even other pets. Consider any recent changes in your pet’s environment that might be causing allergies.

Contact Our Veterinary Clinic for Allergy Treatment Today

If you’re worried about a possible allergy, contact Casillas Veterinary Hospitals serving Lynwood, Montebello, and East Los Angeles to make an appointment. Call our Lynwood office at (323)566-4177, our East LA office at (323)721-2244, and our Montebello office at (323) 726-1525 to schedule the diagnostic testing and skin care your beloved friend needs and deserves!

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