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Things All Dog Owners Should Know

Posted by: Alliance Animal | May 21, 2020
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Dogs are known to be great companions. They are friends who are always fun to have around and will never let you remain sad. However, dogs are also a responsibility. Outside of feeding the dog daily and taking them for veterinarian checkups as needed, there are a few things all dog owners should know.

Dogs Are Individuals

Although certain breeds are known for having particular personality traits, all dogs are different. Just because an article states a certain breed acts one way doesn’t mean every dog of that breed is going to act the same. Dogs have personalities which aren’t just based on their breed, but also their training and experiences.

Knowing Your Dog

Each dog will have its unique personality, it’s important to understand how your dog is going to react to different situations. Whether scared or excited, the dog will give off certain signs to let you know how they feel. By paying attention to the dog, you’ll be able to meet their needs and assure a happy and healthy life.

Dogs Need Training

Every dog needs some sort of job, something to feel responsible for around the house. Because few people have an actual need for working dogs to herd livestock or retrieve items, training and playing are what, to the dog’s mind, becomes their job. They can’t just be left inside while the owner is gone to work or school during the day and then sent outside with the expectation of entertaining themselves. When such is the case, they’ll determine what their job is. Problem behavior such as climbing fences, digging holes, damaging furniture, or chewing inappropriate items will be the result of a dog’s boredom.

Keeping a Number for a Local Veterinary Animal Hospital

Even the best dog owner can’t prevent their pet from getting sick at times, or perhaps being injured during regular play or daily activities. It’s important to keep a phone number available for a local animal hospital in your phone’s memory and written down somewhere easily accessible. Casillas Veterinary Hospitals are a great place to keep in mind in the East Los Angeles area including Montebello and Lynwood.

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