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Welcome to Casillas Veterinary Hospitals

Your Veterinarian in Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood 
Call us at (323) 726-1525

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals Serving Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals are pleased to serve the area with three locations in Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood. Our professional and caring teams are here to serve you and your pet with modern, efficient pet services. Whether you are experiencing a pet emergency or want the best in wellness care for your pet, we invite you to see us at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals.

Pet Spay and Neutering Services

Being responsible for your pet includes managing their reproductive systems. At Casillas Veterinary Hospitals, we offer safe spay and neutering procedures in a caring environment. We'll take the steps needed to help your pet recover swiftly.


Keeping up with your pet's vaccinations is so important for their health and wellness, and in some cases are legally required. We'll let you know when vaccinations are recommended and will provide booster shots for your older pet.

Nutritional and Behavioral Counseling

The teams at Casillas Pet Hospitals are knowledgeable in pet nutrition and pet behavioral issues. They can help you make sure your pet is on an appropriate diet, and assist in identifying causes of unacceptable behavior.


Microchipping can be a valuable service when your pet gets away from you. We are pleased to be the vet to help pet owners in Montebello, East Los Angeles and Lynwood get their pets back safely with this simple procedure.

Pet Services for Geriatric Animals

As pets age, their needs change. Casillas Veterinary Hospitals has experience with aging animals and their changing nutritional and health needs. As your pet gets older, it's important you schedule regular wellness exams. 

Dental Checkups

Like humans, pets should have regular dental exams. Poor dental health can lower a pets quality of life, causing eating and other problems. We can offer advice on maintaining the oral health of your pet.

X-Ray Services

Our in house x-ray services can provide quick answers if your pet develops a limp or is hit by a car or suffers other trauma. In a pet emergency, our x-ray services can help determine the extent of any problems rapidly.

Pet Emergencies and Surgery

Along with our in-house x-ray services, Casillas Veterinary Hospitals are fully equipped for emergency veterinary services and surgeries. You can have peace of mind knowing your pet is in the experienced and skilled hands of our veterinarians.

Wellness Exams

Pets are very good at hiding any pain or discomfort they may feel. That's why we recommend all pet owners schedule routine wellness exams for their pets. Routine exams can help determine developing health problems before they become severe.

Pest Control and Prevention

Fleas, ear mites and ticks can be annoying and cause other health issues with your pets. We can help you manage or prevent a pest invasion. We also provide deworming medicines and heartworm screenings.

Make an Appointment at our Veterinary Hospital Today!

If you have a pet and live in East Los Angeles, Lynwood or Montebello, we invite you to learn more about Casillas Veterinary Hospitals. Contact us for an appointment at (323) 726-1525. We look forward to meeting you and your pet.

Dr. Juan Casillas
Veterinarian | Casillas Veterinary Hospitals | (323) 726-1525

Montebello, East Los Angeles, and Lynwood