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What Our Pet Parents Say

Dear Dr. Casillas, We want to thank you for saving our little dog Lambchop. He was so sick and we really didn’t think he would make it, but you saved him! He is running around now and playing with his toys again. Thank you for your tender loving care of our pet. God Bless.

Frank and June

Dear Dr. Casillas, I can’t express to you how much I appreciate the time and care you took with Toy. Your care and understanding made the situation a little more bearable. Thank you for all you did for her and me.


Dr. Casillas, Zion and I want to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for taking good care of Zion and going above and beyond to give me peace of mind when I over analyze any situation regarding my baby. Trust me your sincerity has me sleeping better at night (and for that I am extremely grateful). Hope you enjoy the goodies.

Esme & Zion

Dear Dr. Casillas and wonderful staff, Even though you didn’t have to do it. You did it anyway. And it was much appreciated. Thank you very much. We can’t say anything different than this card. Thank you for all your support!

Love Doggie M & Family

To Dr. Casillas & Staff, Thank you very much for all the years of great and thoughtful service from yourself and your helpful staff. I appreciate your generosity and kindness when treating my pets. This is why I always recommend everyone to your office because you guys are the best, thank you.

Julia & Rose S.

Dear Dr. Casillas,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your great care and expertise in removing my, ahem, hairball. The operation happened during the holiday season, so I was a bit distracted with all the lights and shiny things hanging on the tree, and didn’t get to really express to you how wonderful you are. My owner, Vikki, says you talked with her on the phone several times, and really went out of your way to help me- I think you are just about purrrr-fect!

I have enclosed two photos, one of me “working” at the computer (notice that belly- it takes a while for the hair to grow back, now, doesn’t it?!) and the other is just a close-up glamour shot of playing with yarn. Thanks to you, I’m able to play again!
Thank you again for being the best vet EVER!

Mama Cat

AKA Babs

We love it here! Shots, allergy relief, teeth cleaning, bloodwork, tumor removal we have used this place for all of the above. Great work from the doctors and all the girls up front. Great job!

Angela A.

The hospital staff was very reassuring and answered all my questions about spaying my cat Mystery.

Morticia L.

Dr. Casillas is great. Their office is walk in based and prices are reasonable.

Robert A.

I have been going to Dr. Casillas for more than 20 years he is the best veterinarian I know. He and his staff are amazing. I know my dogs are in good hands with him.

Elizabeth A.